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Kaisa Roover ja Siim Maaten


Show the audience theatre, You'll feed them for a night. Find a meaning together with the audience, You'll feed them for a lifetime.

ON theatre was created by Siim Maaten (EST) and Kaisa Roover (FIN). First play was "ARM" (written and directed by Siim Maaten) and it premiered in 2015 near Halliste. It was also performed in the Cultural Hub of Tallinn. Kaisa Roover created and directed a one man show "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" and it premiered in 2016 starring Siim Maaten and it has had more than 20 performances due date. 2017 ON theatre co-produced with Sakala Malev the 100-year-old history of Estonian voluntary military. The show was named "Kummardage lipud" (author Liis Sein, director Siim Maaten) and it premiered in Ugala Theatre main stage.

Siim Maaten CV

Kaisa Roover CV

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