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Read: The Sea and the Space

Two of my favorite things in this existence which anyone can have access, at least one of these, everywhere you go.

I don't want to go too deep into it on this post, you know to this overwhelming feeling: “OMG! The space is endless! What does it really mean when talking about existence! AND this might be the only or one of the few planets that has oceans! The belly of life as we know it!” I will call it My Brains Are Too Small For This - feeling. I think there are specialized people, scientists, to write blog posts from that point of view about the sea and the space. I fell in love with scientists when I first got to know one personally, I recommend it full-heartedly to anyone. Unfortunately I'm not a scientist myself and I will write something about the sea and the space, that most of us have access, enjoying the beauty of it.

Me and my partner published with Petrone print a book called “Kirju kodust” (“Letters from home”), it contains letters from our travels, we call it a book of thoughts, knowledge and love. We had a little book tour in April and in Halliste new library, readers asked us what is the place we recommend travel to. Before we had answered to this question calling out place after another, but this time we felt mentioning only one place. Travel to the sea. Anywhere, to any sea. Why, they asked. Because it's the closest thing of space you can travel to on this planet, when traveling below the surf. It has its own rules, different from what we have here on land.

Even if you don't put even your little finger in the water, on the beach you can feel its vastness. Similar to when you have night sky with no clouds and you get a chance to correct your perspective how small your problems really are, while staring the stars.

I was super excited to find out that NASA has made their entire media library publicly accessible and copyright free. I immediately got my mind full of sparks of ideas how to use these creatively for our future projects. I recommend anyone to take a look.

Here are some of the images to enjoy when the weather is cloudy during the night.

While I'm away from the sea or actually any water I start to feel restless. I remember every time I go to swim or dive in natural waters after long time, thinking in my head, why did it took me so long to get here, I looooove it and it's always much nicer feeling that I recalled. I think diving is closest thing for humans to fly like a bird.

Here are some shots from our last diving trip at the Andaman sea, Thailand.

While around the Baltic Sea there isn't much to see under the surf as the visibility is non existence and water temperatures uncomfortable. But still quick dips in the water during the summer and strolls on the beach during any season are very enjoyable. There was recent research that being in the nature makes us happy. I don't put here any links of the research, but want you to experience it yourself. As we are living in the unfortunate times when science is overruled with personal experience, this is the only time I will recommend anyone to actually go out there and try to prove it wrong by your own personal experience. It's worth it anyway! Stroll on the windy beach or standing in the middle of the street during the night staring the stars are the moments when we can just be.

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