Do you know the days when you feel like doing nothing? Yesterday was like that to me, I had a day off. I tried to sort out my mind what I would like to do and feel. I wanted to finish a book that I was reading and to do my exercise for the day. That's it, nothing more to achieve. Sounds so easy compared my normal day.

For me my days off are the only days when I have possibility to do some longer or harder workout. Other days have so tight schedule that I'm lucky to even have an hour to exercise for 2-3 times per weekdays. Some days I can't wait to get to do my workout, jump into the pool or on my exercise mat or on the forest trail. Some days are different. Yesterday I pushed forward my exercise that I had been waiting for the whole week. I pushed it forward almost 4 hours, finding some "more important" things that needed to be done.

When I finally started my workout that had 2 parts: bodyweight exercises on a mat and swimming, I had to really seriously push myself not to give up. I haven't had this feeling while doing sports for a long time. I thought that my inner motivation was strong enough to keep myself going. But my body is not machine. For the past 2 weeks I have had not enough sleep, a lot of action and I was recovering from the flu.

Then I tried to remember how good I have felt after swimming compared how low I felt at that moment. I blocked everything out of my mind and just did my workout. I can even say that I forced myself to just carry it out. Sometimes it's better to do what you know is good for you even if you feel too tired. I'm happy that I did my workout, cause after doing it I felt empowered and peaceful. It wasn't easy at all, but many good things are not easy at all.