Getting Feedback From The Audience

With ON theater we don´t do pieces to please someone. There are other reasons, for example it helps us to understand this world. We take risks by serving something that we think is necessary, not sure at all how the audience would react. Feedback that we have gotten about "Maailma Ilusaim Tüdruk" has been really strong. I have gotten goosebumps when I have read these, my heart rate accelerated and I have read every feedback carefully to appreciate every sentence given, every word. We have analyzed these together with Siim and we have been very happy about that we have provoked thoughts and emotions. We have given the audience experience that stays with them after they have left the warm seats of the theater.

"Maailma Ilusaim Tüdruk" photo by Kaisa Roover

Sometimes making art is like making surprise party to someone you don't know. You put a lot of effort into it, you think what you would like yourself, then you put in things that you think are generally liked and then you take them off, as it doesn't fit in. And then the time is up and it's time to reveal your surprise party to the unknown person. How good it feels if they like it!

Colleague once told me that you will feel it when you find a story that needs to be told. I knew I had found the story, but I didn't know if I can tell it. It was so complex. And sad. Is it right to make the audience not to feel joy? I paired up with the best, super actor, like some feedback has described him, and companion I could imagine for this story. Our collaboration on this was hard, like I said the story is complex and it involved us also to dig deep into our inner selves, but also it showed us that we can make powerful performances together. It blows away when someone is deeply moved by our art.

I´m even more committed to the art of theater and also to the stories that need to be told, and that is thanks to the feedback, to the applause, to the tears, to the thanks, to the looks that understand, to you.