Youtube Yoga

If there is anybody out there struggling with busy lifestyle, back pain and general stiffness of the body, I have found something that I want to share with you!

I have never been yogi and I have always laughed at yoga, mainly because yoga is like cool brand name that you can add to anywhere to make it sound spiritual. I understand that it can be spiritual and you can develop a good connection between your body and mind with it, but it is hard work. There is no fast lane that 1 week yoga retreat in Ubud, Bali can give for you when you pay the price to the yoga teacher (who is actually from your neighboring country). Yoga tourism is huge business!

My sister has been a yogi for at least over 10 years, if not more. She told me that yoga might do good to me. But idea of it made me shiver from unpleasantness. She also said: "If you are not flexible physically, how can you be mentally?". I still remember it and have been practicing it other ways than trough yoga. Over a year ago I looked for a pilates instructor who has been educated by students of Mr. Pilates himself. That took me to Shanti Joogakoulu and their pilates classes. After taking part of their class, there was no turning back, that gymnastic/aerobic/yoga/excersize thing that other instructors did was not pilates. Pilates is a massage from inside out that you can do to yourself and it felt sooo good. No more back pain or any unpleasant feeling in the body. Unfortunately I was able to participate their classes only for short time because of work commitments. I was lost again and my standard was higher than ever.

Last summer by accident I found from Youtube "Yoga With Adriene" channel. I looked through her video and she was adorable, like a person I would like to be friends with. I felt welcomed to join her. For me this is maybe even better than those classes of pilates in Shanti. I can take these anytime and anywhere, videos are approx 10-50 min long and you can be just a beginner with yoga. Adriene gives very clear instructions, you can let you eyes drop off the screen and still follow. But what matters to me most is that this is yoga for the first time in my life that does not annoy me and it is because of Adrienes personality, she is not taking it too seriously, her poses are light (but not for the muscles) and bouncy, she is funny and it seems she is not pretending to be anyone else than she is. Her slogan is "Find what feels good!" and that is exactly what I would like my yoga to be like. She is a great yoga guru! If you want to experience it yourself take one of her 3 options of 30 days of yoga challenge. Or try the 7-min yoga boost for busy people or any other her great little videos that have precise names and great impact on your body and mind! And it's free.