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Creating New

ON theater has taken the first steps to create a new play and performance. We are very excited and decided to lift the curtain for you to peak in how we work on this one.

One of the quite common comments what Siim as a performer got from you after "Maailma Ilusaim Tüdruk" was that, "Does it not affect your psyche, that you always do such difficult, heavy roles?"

As human beings everything we do changes us, but most change happens during the creation of the new, not during the performances.

I work also on film and during the years I have realized what I enjoy most about film making is that during the process, you can dig deep into something that you might never had thought of otherwise. Like how do soundless firework works or what kind of weapons were used in a certain historical battle or how to train wild boar to run a certain route. I love to do research, find out new things, how this world works. Right now we are doing research for our new play, and we are filled with information that is looking for the right shape to become a play and finally performance.

Me and Siim have similar needs from our art, but we have different approach how we get it. As creators, we fit quite well into artist stereotypes, I´m the storyteller and Siim is the mathematician. We share same values, but we have some different opinions what is amazing and what is not. At it´s best creating new for ON theater is like childs play, focusing to make the imaginary world to become live.

We´ll keep you updated how it´s going and what is it all about!

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