Packing List: Inside Our Bags

We live our life mostly out of our travel bags, but that has not made us very fast at packing. Nevertheless, we can say that we are quite good at estimating what we need for our next destination. We rarely overpack or pack things that we don't use.

Here is our packing list of things to destination with warm to tropical temperatures. These are good to at least for 1 week up to as long as we would like to stay. You can use that list as a guidance, just swap things around at the clothing and shoes department for different kind of climate needs. I have also mentioned some additional things that we don't have yet inside our bags but would like to have in near future.

Last but not least there are some travel resources and apps that we use to plan our travel or some other way make our life easier at the destination.

Let me introduce to You, new member to our extended family, rescue dog Pipsa, living now in her foreverhome with my Mom!

Luggage and bags

Osprey Soujourn 80l

Osprey Meridian 60l

- as they write on their web page: "whether you prefer to roll it on wheels or carry it like a backpack." We love our packs and we love their guarantee. "At Osprey we only design and build high-quality products. That’s why all our products are covered under our All Mighty Guarantee. As part of our commitment to protecting the environment we always strive, whenever possible, to repair products rather than replace them."

Duffel bag

- that we can fold to fit into pocket


- simple and foldable, to suit with everything

Reusable shopping bag

- we love our Estonian design shopping bag with text "F*ck the plastic bag". Designer Ilja Tulit.

North Face backpack and Osprey backpack

-carry-on baggage and great for day trips


Vaccines and proof of that

Travel pharmacy

- including everything you might need to survive from head ache to minor cuts etc.

Insect repellent

- to be safe from dengue, malaria and zika, but we rarely use these as nowhere has been as much mosqitos as in Finland/Estonua during summertime. I'm not allergic to mosquitos either so we forget about it easily.

Coconut oil

- this or baby oil are only things that can protect you from sand flies


DIY Suspension training equipment

Manduka eKO SuperLite foldable yoga mats


Swimming goggles

Bikinis and speedos

Diving and snorkeling

My 5mm wetsuit, snorkels, masks, my fins, diving certs, logbooks, DAN divers insurance card, fast dry towels,

earplugs for diving (with small holes).

Diving knife (to peel fruits and rescue sea animals dangled in debris)

Green travel

Solid soap bars (Madara)

Coral safe sunscreen 30 SPF (Accorelle)

Reusable metal water bottle

Ecoffee cup (reusable made from bambu)

We would like to get Clearly Filtered water bottle that we could filter our own water wherever to reduce plastic bottles. Though there is on every location usually a local drinkingwater canister recycling system.

A word about travelers responsibility here.

Many tropical paradises (and even big cities) have a open sewage systems and often the sewage ends up directly to the sea that very same place why you chose to come there. Even if there is some sort of advanced sewage system, it's capacity is not usually enough to take care of the population increase that might be 2-3 times higher on tourist high seasons. So make your toilet bag ingredients biodegradable, really don't throw anything in the toilet, and save water. Use as few plastics as you can, show interest in ecological acts that are taken place at the destination and don't buy any shells or endangered species, if not sure, don't buy it!

She was very helpful with the packing.

Photography and videography

Canon 5D Mark II, Tamron 24-70mm lens, Manfrotto Be Free tripod, GoPro, RODE videomic pro, Sennheiser collar mic, Iphones


Macs, hard disks and backups, notebooks, headphones, Kindle

We would like to get another Kindle.


Passports, visas, insurances, debit/credit cards


She: 10 underpants, 2-3 bras, sports bra, 6 pairs of socks, long + short workout pants, 1-2 shorts, 1 skirt, 1 fancy dress, 1 dress, 5-7 T-shirts and tops.

He: 10 underwear, 2 sports underwear, 2 pairs of workout socks, 5 pairs of socks, 2 workout shorts,1 long pants, 4 shorts, 5-7 T-shirts and tops

Both:Sarongs (that we also use as beach towels), flight socks, 1 warm shirt


She: running shoes, sandals, flip flops

He: basketball shoes, running shoes, flip flops, canvas shoes


Jewelry bag, makeup bag, toilet bags, sunglasses, sewing set, belt


Clothes line, extension cord, padlock, pacsafe portable safe 12L, binocculars, luggage scale, turtle toy, sound output divider

Travel apps and other resources

Skyscanner app - for flights, and airbnb - for accommodation

Happy Cow app - for vegan or vegan friendly restaurants

Pocket Earth app, google maps - for offline maps

Local public transportation websites - to move around the city like a local

Lonely Planet for Kindle - for very general information about destination

Wallet app - for tracking our spending

Yoga with Adriane, Fitness Blenders - Youtube workout favorites, to do wherever

Good thing about living mostly out of the travel bag is that you learn to get by with less stuff very fast and shop only for things that you can carry with you and really need.

Packing can be very tiring process.