Live Like Everybody Else

Since the beginning of this year I have tried to meditate. I have really a monkey mind, meaning that I have my head always packed full of thoughts. It sometimes affects my sleeping quality and also my ability to relax while awake.

I have to admit that I really struggle with it and I don't find it easy at all. How to control your mind, but not with force? How to gently take your mind off something that feels really important? But I have promised to myself and Siim that I will do my best and I have heard that it is enough that I just show up. I have also heard that it is a lifelong job. But even just showing up might be so hard sometimes, how to sit still for 10-15 minutes, if I have so much to solve, so much to do for my mind. I know of course that it is essential for creative and productive life to have a free space in your head, it is just so hard to slow down when there is so much in life. All good and bad.

Sunset at Ong Lang beach, Vietnam

I often feel that I'm very excited about lot of things. I'm happy and I want to fix things that they continue to make me and people around me happy. I know I can't fix everything, but there is a lot I can do and solve.

My mother tells me that I make life very complicated from her perspective. That sometimes I should just live "like everybody else". How could one just change how they live their everyday life? That is also one big question in our upcoming play "Mitteinimene" this spring. At least what is needed is motivation and knowledge. But now I wander off from meditation.

Vung Bay beach, Vietnam

Even though I think that we as human species use too many gadgets and meditating with gadget sounds just wrong, I use Headspace app on my phone for my meditations and would recommend it for 2 reasons. First for me it is not possible to attend meditation classes, because of constantly changing schedules, so this app is wonderful for me. Secondly, it has no "Bali spiritualistic vibe", that I don't like at all. It's very down to earth as I think meditation guides should be, after all it is about giving your earthly body and mind a break and it has nothing to do with spirits. Spirits are from stories that people have made up to improve collective teamwork abilities. More about that also in the coming play "Mitteinimene". I'm very excited about our new play and can't wait to tell you all about it! But for now as my friend Yoda from Star Wars would say: "Meditate on this I will."